Automation Using GSM Based RelayAbstract

Most people nowadays have access to mobile phones and thus the world indeed has become a global village. At any given moment, any particular individual can be contacted with the mobile phone. The objective of this project is to develop a device that allows for a user to remotely control and monitor multiple home/office appliances using a cellular phone. This system will be a powerful and flexible tool that will offer this service at any time, and from anywhere with the constraints of the technologies being applied. Possible target appliances include (but are not limited to) climate control system, security systems, lights; anything with an electrical interface. The project is ideal to open gates, doors, shutters and barriers by a simple free phone call from a GSM mobile. With just a speed-dial, number is identified from the database as an authorised user and then it automatically open the gate, barrier or door. The call is made to a normal SIM card inserted in a slot in the GSM module. The signal to the speaker is decoded to get the trigger pulse which initiate the application. All the phone numbers except the numbers from which we require access to the application is barred in the configuration of the SIM card. There are no calling costs incurred when calling the unit, it will recognise an authorised telephone number calling it and reject the call without answering.

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