Civil engineering Seminar Topics - 2014 |  Supported by Various International Journals

  • Studying the evaluation of carbonation using x-ray computed tomography 
  • Integral Lifting and Structural Translocation
  • Fly ash bricks 
  • Internally cured concrete 
  • Automated construction using contour crafting 
  • Carbon nano fibre reinforced cement composites for energy harvesting roads. 
  • Phyto remediation of heavy metal 
  • Cool pavements 
  • Methods to improve water resistant property of adobe bricks. 
  • Stabilization of weak pavement subgrade using cement kiln dust 
  • Aerial ropeway in urban environment 
  • Prefabricated pavement systems 
  • Stainless steel reinforcing bars in concrete 
  • Double skin façade system 
  • Geothermal energy pile 
  • Concrete cloth 
  • Green walls 
  • Natural zeolite in concrete 
  • Ground freezing 
  • Modified bitumen and asphalt 
  • Pavement micro texture monitoring
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