A high voltage power supply is a very useful source which can be effectively used in many applications like biasing of gas-discharge tubes and radiation detectors etc.The present configuration gives 2 kV for an input DC voltage of 15 V. Here the current requirement is of the order of a few microampsThe circuit is built around a single transistorised blocking oscillator. An important element in this circuit is the transformer. It can be fabricated on easily available ferrite cores. The term high voltage usually means electrical energy at voltages high enough to inflict harm or death upon living things.

Equipment and conductors that carry high voltage warrant particular safety requirements and procedures. In certain industries, high voltage means voltage above a particular threshold (see below). High voltage is used in electrical power distribution, in cathode ray tubes, to generate X-rays and particle beams, to demonstrate arcing, for ignition, in photomultiplier tubes, and in high power amplifier vacuum tubes and other industrial and scientific applications.

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