A New Super Wide Band Fractal Microstrip Antenna

Modern communication systems require antennas with smaller dimension and more bandwidth. But if antenna size is less than a quarter of the wavelength, it will not be efficient for its communication purposes. Hence a reduction in physical size and multi-band ability are very important in design of ultra wideband antenna. Now fractals have self similar shapes and can be subdivided such that each daughter part is a smaller version of the parent part, means each part is a reduced size copy of the whole. The self similarity of fractals can be applied to antenna design for multiband and broad band properties. And also their complicated design leads to curves which have long electrical length but fit into a compact physical area, thus an antenna design with smaller size. Hence use of fractal geometry in antenna design provides a very effective solution for fabricating multi-band antennas with desired miniature size. And properties of a fractal micro strip antenna depend upon the parent fractal shape we used for its design.

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