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Monday, 13 May 2013

Latest IEEE Seminar Topics for ECE and EEE - 2013 | PART II

  • Modeling Of Organic Solar Cells For FutureApplications
  • Circularly Polarized Ring Patch Antenna
  • Application Of Genetic Programming To Classification
  • Graphene, Replacement For Silicon InSemiconductors And A Promising Element For Future Electronics
  • Test Consideration For Nanometer-Scale CmosCircuits
  • Organic Thin-Film Transistors
  • Cloud Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • Standby Leakage Power Reduction Technique For Nanoscale Cmos Vlsi Systems
  • Energy Efficiency And Reliability In Wireless
  • Biomedical Implant Systems
  • Gsm Security And Encryption
  • Fiber Optic Communication-An Overview And Forward Error Correction In Foc
  • Security System Using Biometrics
  • Speech Signal Processing Using 2-Dimensional Transforms
  • Tactile Sensing Robot
  • Hand Prosthesis
  • Laser Communication
  • Electric Smart Grid Technologies And Loss  Reduction Techniques
  • The Itanium Processors
  • Wireless Communication Using White Led
  • Jamming Attacks And Countermeasures In Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Security Techniques In Border Gateway Protocol
  • A Highly Efficient & Sensitive Amoled Touch Sensor & Display
  • Floor Surfaces As Ambient Haptic Interfaces
  • Nanoelectronics-The Future Of Integrated Circuits
  • Power Control SchemesIn Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Holographic Information Storage Systems
  • 4g Mobiles Based On Ieee802.16M
  • High Linearity Technique For Ultra-Wide Band Low Noise Amplifier In 0.18 Um Cmos Technology
  • Mobility Enhancement In Strained Silicon
  • Separation Of Overlapped Fingerprints
  • Wireless Charging Of Mobile Devices
  • Superconductors In Applications; Some Practical Aspects
  • Ipv4/Ipv6 Mixed Networks
  • Swarm Intelligence And Applications In Sensor SelectionProblems
  • Signal-Powered Low-Drop-Diode Equivalent For Energy Harvesters

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