Automatic Room Light Controller Project

Brief Description

We often find difficult to switch on the light when we enter a dark room.If he is new to the room it will be even more difficult since he has no knowledge of the correct switch to be turned on.Also most of us forget to switch off lights when we leave a room which results in unnecessary power wastage.So as a solution to all these common problems we are trying to develop an automatic room light controller with the following features.
  • Turns on the light when a person enters the room
  • If more than one person enters the light remains turned on
  • Turns off the light if the room is vacant
  • 7 Segment display shows the number of person in the room
  • Resistant to noise since it is based on infrared detection
  • Circuit does not use a Microcontroller. its purely analog 

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  1. Saicharan14.10.12

    Thanks i got the projest in my mail..great site

  2. how to get the circuit??