The Internet search giant Google has Introduced an online certification course on power searching named as "Power searching with Google". The programme which was launched few days back is aimed at teaching all Google users how to use the world's most popular search engine to solve everyday problems . The certificate, according to Google will be emailed upon successful passing of the online course by participants.Examples provided include using the search box as a calculator or finding local movie showtimes, searching for and reading pages written in languages you don't know, identifying the location of a photograph, and even tracking down a book based on its topic and cover.The course comprises of six classes, each 50 minutes long.It includes Interactive activities to practice new skills, Opportunities to connect with others using Google Groups, Google+, and Hangouts on Air. The course begins on Monday, September 24 so you have to register for the programme before the first class. 

Programme Schedule

  • Class 1: Monday, September 24
  • Class 2: Wednesday, September 26
  • Hangout 1 with search experts: Thursday, September 27, 10:00-10:45am PT 
  • Class 3 and mid-class assessment available: Friday, September 28
  • Class 4: Monday October 1
  • Hangout 2 with search experts: Tuesday, October 2, 4:00-4:45pm PT
  • Class 5: Wednesday, October 3
  • Hangout 3 with search experts: Thursday, October 4, 10:00-10:45am PT
  • Class 6 & post-class assessment available: Friday, October 5
  • Mid-class assessment due: Wednesday, October 10, 11:59pm PT
  • Post-class assessment due : Wednesday, October 10, 11:59pm PT
Register for the Programme now !

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