AVR Tutorials Part IV-Getting the Microcontroller Ready for Programming

Now its time to connect our programmer to our PC. So connect the SPI cable to the microcontroller as taught earlier.See the connection diagram
  • Connect the USB cable to USB port 
  • Click Start -> Search for cmd.exe and open it 
  • In cmd.exe , Type cd/ and press enter
  • Type avrdude –c usbtiny –p m16 as shown in the figure 

Note : If you are using another programmer replace usbtiny with the name of your programmer and if you are using another microcontroller, say atmega 32 then replace m16 with m32.
  • Press Enter. If everything is ok you will get a message like this. 

Now your microcontroller is ready to accept instructions from the AVR dude .In the next tutorial we see our first program to light up an LED.

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