Resistive-type touch screens are widely used for creating user friendly interfaces. Their construction is simple, their cost is low, and their operation is well understood by users. The project deals with interfacing a 4 wire resistive touch-screen with a micro-controller using a touch-screen controller. This a first step for using touch-screens for various interface applications like using it as an input device for computers ATM machines etc. The touch screen is controlled using two distinct methods. The first, using the Analog to Digital Convertor module of the PIC microcontroller. The other, is using a touch screen controller (MXB7843) for the same purpose. The aims of the project include reading the coordinates of the touched point and transmitting them serially to a host computer using the RS232 module and to draw a line on a CRO connecting any two arbitrarily touched points.
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  1. A surface acoustic wave touch screen, touch monitor screen with your fingers does not work to complete the corresponding part of the operation.if conflict resources should be adjusted to avoid conflict. Then check whether there is cracks in the surface of the touch screen and, if cracks should be replaced. Also need to check whether the wire resistive touch screen surface dust, if so, with a soft cloth to clean.

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