KDPP is the second diesel power generating station of Kerala state electricity board. The first project is BDPP at Ernakulam. There are 8 no of generators installed in this plant and each has a capacity of 16MW. Total capacity is 128MW. Diesel engine is the prime mover of the alternator generating voltage of each alternator is 11 KV. 2 alternators are synchronized and connected in parallel in common bus bar through independent VCB at MV room and is connected to generator transformer of capacity 38 MVA, 1lkV/1l0kV.Thus there are 4 no. of GT's provided for eight engines and on service and another GT is provided for a spare at generator transformer yard .
Generator Hall
The DG hall houses the entire prime mover alternator set. The prime mover used at KDPP is 18 V 46 C WARTS1LA diesel engines. It is a 4 stroke turbo charged and inter cooled engine with direct twin fuel injection. The engine uses two fuels - primary fuel being LSHS. Diesel is used for starting and stopping purposes.

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