• Speed checker for highways
  • Mini electronic voting machine
  • Park aid circuit
  • An ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system for fire fighting robot
  • Secured wireless communication with ofdm
  • Automatic room power control
  • Cellphone operated hand roler
  • Pseudo random code modulation based secured data communication
  • Frequency jammer as a life guard
  • Frequency jammer as a life guard with wap
  • Water level indicator
  • Ir music transmitter and receiver
  • Four channel oscilloscope
  • Distance measuring using ultrasonic technology
  • Rf based wireless encryption and decryption message transfer system for military applications
  • Encoding and decoding technique for secured data communication 
  • On line dynamic code acquisition for spread spectrum systems
  • Fully automatic emergency light
  • Advertisement display using ATMEL 89C51
  • Distance indicator
  • Single photon quantum cryptography
  • Energy efficient target coverage in wireless sensor networks
  • Light intensity meter
  • Pc remote control
  • Programmable hospital bedside controller
  • Telephone  line vigilance circuit
  • Electronic jam answering machine
  • Load protector with remote switching facility
  • Automatic college bell
  • Automatic solar panel tracker
  • IVRS based electronic tele-voting system
  • IVRS based smart home automation with voice feedback.
  • Voice controlled household device activation and control system
  • Voice controlled complete protection system for home/industries
  • IVRS based home automation with immediate voice feedback
  • Wireless home automation system using telephone lines with wap
  • Speech recognition based complete car security system
  • Voice activated multipurpose robots
  • Length counter using embedded system
  • Pc based data scanner/ logger for 8 “ channel
  • Pc based data scanner/ logger with field programmable channel
  • Embedded controller for traffic controls
  • High pressure hose test rig for brake line manufacturing industries 
  • Clock timer
  • Ultrasonic proximity detector
  • Remote controlled fan regulators
  • Automatic temperature control of industrial applications
  • Path guidance for visually challenged
  • Automated car parking system
  • Automatic plant irrigator
  • Automatic oven temperature control
  • Soft plc using labview
  • Unmanned railway gate control system
  • Digital speedometer
  • Pc based electronic weighing scale with set point
  • Bluetooth enabled advanced data monitoring and control using hitech c.
  • Plc ëœs for bottle filling station with conveyors
  • Embedded system based automatic furnace control for improvement of hardness on materials
  • Design of digital cryogenic temperature controller
  • Micro controller based standalone temperature measurement system.
  • Micro controller based ultrasonic pulse detector.
  • Pc based flow control and level measurement in petrol bunks.
  • Pc as a pid controller.
  • Smart solar tracking for optimal power generation
  • Pc based wireless weather monitoring system
  • Traffic light controller
  • Heat sensitive switch
  • Infrared universal controller
  • Fire alarm using thermistor
  • Amplifier timer
  • Earth leakage detector
  • Embedded pic micro controller based petrol bunk automation 
  • Speed control of an electrical dc vehicle
  • Fault tolerant neuro controlled level processing panel
  • Embedded controller for non linear partially interacting process (nlpip) 
  • Power distribution management system using wap
  • Pyroelectric fire alarm
  • Automatic wash basin tap controller
  • Position tracker
  • Auto luminescent auto mobile(alarm)
  • Automatic temperature controlled fan
  • Automatic  room light controller with visitor counter
  • Contactless tachometer
  • I-bell
  • Remote controlled power-off switch
  • Cellphone based device control with voice acknowledgement
  • Anti-bag snatching alarm
  • Bill calculating contraption for energy meter
  • Remote controlled appliances switch
  • Speed limit alert for petrol engines
  • Highway alert signal lamp
  • Telephone line based audio muting and light-on circuit
  • Anti-theft system for motor bikes
  • Microcontroller and touchscreen based wireless library book catalog system.
  • Touchscreen based nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired.
  •  graphical lcd and memory stick (mmc/sd card) based textbook reading system.
  •  mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control.
  • Gps based universal clock. Gets the time from satellites and displays on GLCD.
  • Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions.

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