Today mobile phones has become an unavoidable part of our society. In many countries, over half the population use mobile phones & its market is increasing day by day. Along with its increased use, questions & doubts regarding the health issues caused by them are also becoming significant.


Mobile phones use radio waves which belongs to EM spectrum. They are low-powered radio frequency transmitters, operating at frequencies between 450 and 2700 MHz with peak powers in the range of 0.1 to 2 watts.
The influence caused by this EM radiation on our body is expressed in terms of Specific Absorption Rate(SAR)- the rate of radio frequency energy absorption per unit mass of the body.
for eg: The maximum allowed SAR rate of mobile phones sold in united states is 1.6 Watts/Kg.


A large number of studies have been conducted over past few years to assess the harmful health impacts of mobile phones. Even though no severe effects has been found out to date, studies have shown that continuous exposure to EM radiations will cause increase in blood pressure, mild fatique etc. A recent study conducted by national institute of health in United states have shown that mobile radiations has its influence brain tissues. There is no evidence that using a mobile phone causes: brain tumours, cancer, brain damage etc.


Obviously texting has radiation effects but it is very much less when compared to voice calls.More over during text we keep cell phone little bit far from our body which nullifies its radiation effects.


Bluetooth technology uses low frequency radio waves. Because of this some worry that Bluetooth radiation could cause health problems. The Bluetooth signal at 1 milliwatt is extremely low, compared to some cell phones, which may emit up to 2 watts. The signal is also transmitted throughout a space and not in a single, powerful beam.Therefore bluetooth radiation is not considered to have significant radiation effects.


  • Purchase mobile phones having less SAR rating(SAR rating should be less than 2W/kg ).Top brand companies will usually specify SAR rating of phones in their websites.
  • Dual sim mobile phones will have more radiation effects than single sim phones. So dual sim phone users must use wired headsets compulsorily .
  • for long duration calls use wired headsets or use loud speakers. If these things are not possible use phone by shift between ears at intervals.
  • Keep mobile phones away from your body whenever possible. 
  • if you are using Bluetooth headset, keep mobile phones away from your body. 
  • Don’t keep mobile phones under pillows during sleeping. even though we are not working with mobiles phones it has radiation in switched on status.
  • if signal is weak mobile phones will emit more EM avoid using mobile phones at places where signal is weak.
  • Use text messages instead of voice calls to communicate whenever possible.
  • Keep mobile phones near ears only after attending the call and during outgoing calls do the same only after the call is attended by the receiver. This is because the radiation level will high during time when call is getting connected.
  • Hold the phone without covering its backside to avoid weakening of signals which finally result in increased radiation.

Even though severe health effects of mobile phone are not yet proved,it is better to control the use of mobile phone. Remember ” prevention is better than cure ” .

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