200+ Chemical Engineering Project Topics

Following is a list of latest 200+ chemical engineering project topic ideas. Hope you like it ūüôā


  1. Preliminary Studies On Regeneration Of Ferric Chloride From The Spent Etching Solution 
  2. Experimental Studies On Thermal Input Flow Meter 
  3. Rotating Basket Reactor 
  4. Utilization Of Plastic Waste To Overcome Environment Pollution 
  5. Activated Carbon -From Coconut Shell Using A Fluidised Bed Reactor 
  6. Extraction Of (-) Hydroxy citric Acid, Garcinol And Anthocyanin Pigments From Garcinica And Process Design 
  7. Study Of Composting Using The Liquids Effluent And Solid Waste Materials Of Sugar Industry 
  8. Extraction Of Vinblastine Sulphate From Vinca-Rosea Plant Leaves 
  9. Effluent Treatment In Petroleum Refinery 
  10. Treatment And Reutilization Of Medical Waste
  11. Production Of Lactic Acid From Molasses
  12. Application Of Neural Networks To Gas Solid Fluidized Bed Using Matlab
  13. Agglomeration Of Iron Ore Dust Fines Using Waste Calcia And Fly Ash Dust Fines Dynamic Modelling And Simulation Of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor
  14. Hybrid Two Wheeler Removal Of Ni Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Agricultural Waste Adsorption On A Fixed-Bed Column
  15. Investigation Of The Use Of Quarry Dust As Construction Material
  16. Removal Of Colour And Cod By Electrochemical And Electrocoagulation Process From Distillery Spent Wash
  17. Utilization Of Sludge Gas 
  18. Photo Biological Hydrogen Production 
  19. Extraction Of Bio-diesel From Cotton Seed Oil 
  20. Manufacture Of Soaps Using Enzyme 
  21. Impact Of Illegal Waste Disposal On Man And Environment 
  22. Treatment Of Bio-Contaminated Aviation Fuel 
  23. Design, Fabrication And Testing Of Microbial Fuel Cell 
  24. Studies On Methods Of Breaking Azeotrope 
  25. Synthetic Studies On Triacontanol-A Plant Growth Regulator 
  26. Protein Extraction From Agro-Waste Bagasse 
  27. Investigation Of Growing Lysozyme Crystal By Sitting Drop And Hanging Drop Diffusion Method 
  28. Development Of An Innovative Low Cost Unit For Evaluation Of Noise Pollution 
  29. Decolourisation Of Dye Waste Water By Adsorption On Alumina Adsorbent 
  30. Studies On Effect Of Seed Extract Of Annona Squamosa In Streptozotocin РNicotinamide Induced Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Rats 
  31. A Novel Approach For Management Of Domestic/Canteen Waste 
  32. Agglomeration Of Iron Ore Dust Fines Using Waste Calcia And Fly Ash Dust Fines 
  33. Removal Of Colour And Cod By Electrochemical And Electrocoagulation(Ec) Process From Distillery Spent Wash 
  34. Treatment And Reutilisation Of Medical Waste 
  35. Production Of Lactic Acid From Molasses 
  36. Removal Of Ni(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Agricultural Waste: Adsorption On A Fixed-Bed Column 
  37. Dynamic Modelling And Simulation Of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor
  38. Extraction Of Silica From Burnt Paddy Husk 
  39. Detergent Powder From Paddy Husk 
  40. Refining Of Used Lube Oils 
  41. Nicotinic Acid From Tobacco Waste 
  42. Paper Pulp From Groundnut Shell 
  43. Caffeine From Waste Tea And Coffee 
  44. Solar Pump 
  45. Extraction Of Furfural From Bagasse 
  46. Manufacture Of Nicotine Sulphate From Tobacco Waste 
  47. Cashew nut Shell Liquid And Its Resin As Sand Core Binder 
  48. Chitin And Protein From Prawn shell Waste 
  49. Studies On Paddy Drier 
  50. Low Cost Viscometer 
  51. Cementitious Material From Rice Husk And Sea Shells 
  52. Glucose Syrup From Tapioca Starch 
  53. Cementitious Material From Rice-Husk, Sea-Shells And Clay 
  54. Citric Acid From Molasses 
  55. Rayon Grade Pulp From Banana Fibres 
  56. Pulp For Hardboards From Areca nut Husk 
  57. Study Of Mixing Process In Stirred Vessel Reactors 
  58. Manufacture Of Fibre Board From Areca Spathe And Husk 
  59. Studies On Drying Of Freshly Pressed Bricks 
  60. Sonication РA Method Of Cell РAnalysis 
  61. Preparation Of Zsm-05 Zeolites For Kinetic Studies 
  62. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures 
  63. Preparation Of Coconut Honey From Matured Coconut Water 
  64. Biosorption РOptimisation Of Parameters For Lead Removal Using Aspergillus Niger 
  65. Study Of Mixing Process In Baffled Reactor Vessels 
  66. Investigation On Pool Boiling Regimes 
  67. Formulation Of Theoretical Model For Viscosity Prediction Of Binaries With Experimental Verification 
  68. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures 
  69. Investigation On Filmwise And Dropwise Condensation 
  70. Investigation On Heat Pipe 
  71. Investigation On Burning Velocities Using Shadow Photography Techniques 
  72. Optimization Of Additive Sodium Sulphide To Obtain Surface Finish Within 4 Microns By Chemical Milling For Aa2219 Alloys
  73. Experimental Study On Single Bubble Cap Type Distillation Column 
  74. Production Of High Quality Liquid Soap By Enzymatic Method 
  75. Adsorption Of Heavy Metals Using Sugarcane Bagasse 
  76. Analysis Of Water Melon Seeds As A Cost-Effective Water Purifier 
  77. Studies On Linas Distillation Column 
  78. Extraction Of Peroxidase Using Aqueous Two Phase Systems 
  79. Biosorption Of Chromium Using Hydrilla And Comparison With Yeast Biomass: Column Studies 
  80. Biosorption РA Novel Way For The Removal Of Heavy Metals 
  81. Corrosion Behaviour Of Electrodeposited Zinc РNickel Alloy 
  82. Alpinia Leaf Extract : A Prospective Natural Food Preservative 
  83. Design And Fabrication Of Through Circulation Dryer For Drying Of Biomass Microwave Assisted Chemical Reactions 
  84. Manufacturing Of Synthetic Hydroxy Talcite 
  85. Slow Release Studies On Urea Briquettes 
  86. Mass Transfer And Kinetic Growth Studies In Denitrification Of Waste Water Using Pseudomonas Stutzeri 
  87. Production Of Bio-diesel From Waste Oil 
  88. Extraction Of D-Limonene From Sweet Orange Peels 
  89. A Novel Approach For Quality Extraction Of Asparagus Racemosus-A Valuable Medicinal Extract 
  90. A Novel Approach For The Optimisation Of Parameters And Economic Evaluation For Effluent Treatment Of Dairy Plant 
  91. Bio-diesel Production Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technique 
  92. Recovery Of Silver From Photographic Film Waste 
  93. Biosorption Of Chromium By Aspergillus Niger 
  94. Oxalic Acid From Molasses 
  95. Alcohol From Potatoes And Agriculture Waste 
  96. Ethyl Cellulose From Bagasse 
  97. Utilisation Of Banana Fibre For Making Wrapping Paper 
  98. Studies On Pulverisation Of Rice Husk 
  99. Engineering Studies On Tile And Brick Industry In And Around Dakshina Kannada District 
  100. Citric Acid From Molasses 

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